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The Brokering Process

Role Definition and Clarification The Broker must establish, in advance, who to consult with at every stage of the process ...Read More
Select a Service Provider, Service Provider Selection Process In selecting a service provider, the broker should consider ...Read More
Team Development Recommend service providers to help the Essential Skills Team get into a position where it is able to implement an Essential Skills Program. ...Read More
Organizational Needs Assessment Determine the depth of the needs assessment required by the employer. ...Read More
Essential Skills Program Planning Based on the recommendations of the needs assessment, the Essential Skills Team will plan the program. ...Read More
Promotion of the Essential Skills Program Provide ideas for the employer to promote the program. ...Read More
Individual Assessments The purpose of this step is to ...Read More
Classes Create a class list from the sign-up lists and the individual assessments. ...Read More
Evaluation An external evaluator should give feedback on ...Read More