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Essential Skills in the Workplace

ABC Canada
Learn about Workplace Literacy

Canadian Council on Learning
Connecting the Dots...Linking Training Investment to Business Outcomes and the Economy.
This report from the Canadian Council on Learning provides a strong case for training for the betterment of businesses and the national economy.

Conference Board of Canada
An online resource with information, tools and advice for Canadian organizations and employers who want to raise literacy and basic skill levels in the workplace.
Search Workplace Literacy.

Employment and Social Development Canada - Literacy and Essential Skills
Through extensive research, the Government of Canada, along with other national and international agencies, has identified and validated key literacy and essential skills. These skills are used in nearly every job and throughout daily life in different ways and at varying levels of complexity.

Essential Skills: Linking Employee Skills to Your Bottom Line. A Guide for Employers in Hamilton. Hamilton Training Advisory Board, March 2008 (now Workforce Planning Hamilton).

Ontario Skills Passport
The Ontario Skills Passport (OSP) provides clear descriptions of Essential Skills and work habits important for success in work, learning and life.

Test of Workplace Essential Skills, TOWES
An effective testing and training that uses workplace documents to accurately measure the three essential skills that are needed for safe and productive employment: Reading Text, Document Use and Numeracy.

Working in Canada
Provides job postings and labour market information for various jobs. Also provides Essential Skills needed for those positions.;jsessionid=373B3EE5C788984945F2877BC8E0C1E8.imnav2

Human Resources for Employers
A Guide to Human Resources Fundamentals
This guide explores topics such as workforce planning, recruitment & selection, retention, mentoring, and diversity management. Though the guide is directed to Hamilton employers, its application is broad based for all employers.
HTAB HR Fundamentals Report (now Workforce Planning Hamilton)

HR Management
A comprehensive website covering various HR topics including: monitoring and reporting, providing guidance on performance management and improving policies and processes.

National Occupation Classification
The authoritative resource on occupational information in Canada. It is used daily by thousands of people to understand the jobs found throughout Canada's labour market.


Learning Networks of Ontario (LNO)
The Learning Networks of Ontario work collaboratively to

  • support adult education and training across Ontario
  • build capacity through efficient and effective use of resources
  • develop and complete projects to support the adult literacy field
  • facilitate service coordination and planning
  • support knowledge mobilization and collaboration

Employment Ontario
Employment Ontario (EO) connects people looking for work with employers looking for workers. The self-service tool helps people connect to services.

Canada Ontario Jobs Grant (COJG) and Skills Training Pilots
In March 2014 Ontario signed the Canada Ontario Job Fund Agreement with the federal government. This fund is for employers to provide more training to their own employees.

The Essential Skills Bulletin Do Education and Training Amount to Skills Gains? (Essential Skills Ontario, 2014)

The Essential Skills Bulletin Do Skills Actually Matter When it Comes to Employment and Earnings? (Essential Skills Ontario, 2014)

Menial No More A Discussion Paper on Advancing our Workforce through Digital Skills (Essential Skills Ontario, 2011 formally Ontario Literacy Coalition) replica swiss watches